RDX T17 Aura MMA Sparring Gloves

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Without a doubt – the first major change in MMA gloves since the beginning of mixed martial arts. These hybrid-grappling gloves protect your hands while simulating real-life combat. Switch between bag work, pad work, groundwork or sparring with ease. Built using our signature Octa-Fuse stitching technique that brings 8 pieces of Kalix Skin together. Coupled with Nova Tech’s capability, the Flat Arc Radial Panel consolidates shock impact throughout the glove to disperse force equally throughout its architecture. With the Quadro-Dome mould intelligently concentrated around the impact area of the knuckles, you reduce chances of hand injury.

  • Kalix Skin: Durable. Pliable. Handstitched. This engineered combat shell uses multiple layers of laminated leather that serves as an added layer of padding over its shock-consolidating center.
  • Quadro-Dome: This patent mould protects against shock-impact through thick layers of EVA padding and blacktop foam. Designed to protect against knuckle damage, our signature NOVA TECH cut intelligently consolidates impact by resolving charged particles within the gloves’ architecture.
  • Nova TechThe Flat Arc Radial Panel breaks charged molecules down through circular motion dulling the intensity of any strike before it reaches your bone. This translates into reduced chances of injury, conditioning the knuckles instead.
  • Octa-Fusion: A signature hand stitching technique that fuses 8 panels of leather together forming a jacket designed to combat wear & tear. This unique threading method creates slack, or picks it up when temperature fluctuates. The result: a form-fitting glove made to last in any given situation.
  • Quick-EZ: Narrow extended hook-and-loop with additional strip provides wrist-support for safer punching and efficient force transfer.
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